Revolving Games


Ammar Zaeem


June 2019


July 2019

Revolving Games (RG) is a mobile game studio based out of Lahore and San Francisco that develops scalable massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) with Deep Strategy. Gaming globally is a large and growing market, but it is challenging to develop the technology needed to run a successful MMO with millions of players. RG’s proven game developers are uniquely positioned to capitalise on this opportunity by leveraging their experience of making games targeted at a global audience (out of the SF studio) while benefiting from cost advantages of running LiveOps out of Pakistan, thereby increasing the profit potential of each game by a considerable margin. The company is founded by Ammar Zaeem, former CEO of Caramel Tech Studios (merged with SF-based Cloudcade Studio) who leads a team of game development veterans with experience of working on games that have generated over $500m in revenue. 

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