Upskilling and networking platform



Managing Directors

Salman Chattha & Hassaan Khan




Ammar Zaeem & Furquan Kidwai

Taraki is a local job and networking platform of Bolandi Technologies, founded in 2021 by Salman Chattha and Hassaan Khan. It is the first platform in Pakistan that allows users to create their digital identities, connect with individuals, and create content that leads to value-added skills in addition to being just a job platform. Taraki has a mobile app for workers and a website for employers.

The founding team has notable prior experience in multiple fields. Salman has previously worked in the VC and startup space and at the National Bank of Canada, RBC, and PWC. Hassaan has had experience within equity research and has worked at the National Bank of Canada and HBL.

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Haly Tower, Phase II, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan

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